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Camera mode dial in the auto setting.

EXAMPLE: Auto Mode Dial setting.





Show you how to take photos you’ll be proud of with a few quick and simple tips.

A Canada goose comes in to land as an example of a fast shutter speed.

EXAMPLE: A faster shutter speed 1/1600 sec., and f/6.3 ISO 800.








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If you haven’t checked it out yet and it’s new… Wiki Definitions.

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Lens information indicating specific range information

EXAMPLE: Lens information; focal length and aperture.

Histogram graph information and image capture information on LCD Monitor.

EXAMPLE: Histogram graph information and image capture information.








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"New: GraphicImproved Wiki navigation with additional definitions

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Owl closeup

Example: Owl composition “fill the frame.”

Purple flower

DEMO: Macro & shallow depth of field; with blurred background.

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