About Angela Patterson

Meet Angela Patterson!

Angela Patterson with her cameraMy photography fun began when my Granny gave me a Snappy film camera for Christmas, at the age of nine. Traveling through the years I shared my father’s enthusiasm and connection to photographing family, life events and nature.

I love experiencing the absolute bliss of being “in the zone” where nothing else exists beyond connecting with “the moment.” Some of my favorite subjects are: family, birds, wildlife, and sports. My all time favorite place to be is out in nature, and Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.

I’ve had some wonderful teachers and I love paying it forward by helping as many aspiring and enthusiastic photographers as possible on their photography adventures.

About This Site

Experiencing beginner frustrations is what makes Beginner Photography Guide different because I remember, understand and relate to what you’re going through as an enthusiastic beginner.

I still remember how exciting, yet how frustrating, the early years were as I embraced learning about my camera,and how to take better pictures. I also know how confusing it is at the best of times. That’s why this web site is all about making photography easy and funand having you exclaim:

“Yes, I did it!”

while you do a happy dance!

On this web site you’ll find answers to many pressing beginner questions. I’ll help you:

  • make sense of, and understand, confusing photography terms
  • gain confidence by pushing buttons and turning the dials on your camera
  • understand what the dials and buttons are for and when to use them
  • by providing easy to understand articles and step by step guidance
  • discover what’s happening in auto and realize that you DO have the courage to move beyond it


And so much more!

I certainly don’t pretend to know it all but I am passionate about supporting you on your photography adventure. I’ll make every effort to provide you with accurate, helpful and easy to understand information.

There is no such thing as a silly question!

Only great questions asked by smart people, like you, who want to know more about photography.  If you find something on this web site you wish to comment on, anything at all, please feel free to contact me.