Jul 19

Camera Mode Dial Settings

By beginnerphotography | How To

Making Sense of the Camera Mode DialThe mode dial is used to change the camera’s settings and access different shooting modes.Mode dials will vary, depending on the make and model of camera.​​Changing the Settings on the Camera Mode Dial.Each setting is “activated” by turning the mode dial until the letter, or symbol, lines up with […]

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Mar 09

EOS Canon Rebel T5i EF-S

By beginnerphotography | Uncategorized

Introduction to the EOS Canon Rebel T5i. The T5i is a very popular mid-range camera; in between DSLR entry level and high end cameras. The T6i (24 megapixels) is also popular and both cameras sporting good reviews. Overview of the T5i (18 megapixels) Crisp focus with 9 cross-type AF focus points.   Fast and accurate […]

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Jul 17

Shooting in Auto Mode

By beginnerphotography | Camera Settings

Taking photos in Auto Mode is supposed to be easy and fun but it’s frustrating sometimes, isn’t it? I remember the confusion of owning a brand new camera but once I learned what “that” setting was at least I felt like I was making progress. Still, if the camera is supposed to be helping you […]

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Apr 06

Camera Aperture Settings

By beginnerphotography | Uncategorized

Are you confused about camera aperture settings? Let’s walk through what aperture is, what it can do for you, and how it works. First, a question I am often asked by aspiring photographers is, “how do I blur the background?” Well, aperture happens to be one of the main photography tools to accomplish this. Let’s […]

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