How to Connect a Pocket Wizard Plus III

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Feb 14

You too…?

With all of the information available on the internet I was quite surprised, and frustrated, when my research for connecting the Pocket Wizard Plus III to an external flash did not answer my questions.

I found all kinds of videos but not even the manual explained how to connect the sync cable…just jumped right in to using the flash with the Pocket Wizard.

A pictures of a Pocket Wizard Plus III sync cable for connecting an external flash to the camera.

EXAMPLE: Pocket Wizard Plus III sync cable.



All of the information I found focused on the actual functions instead.

Leaving my search empty handed on how to connect what to what I went to my equipment, and figuring it out for myself.




This connection, below, is on the side of my external Nikon SB 910 flash. (Revealed by swiveling a small rubber cover on the side of the flash).

I was then able to determine which end of the sync cable was:

  • Compatible to the flash connection.


  • Compatible to the Pocket Wizard.


External flash and Pocket Wizard connect points for sync cable.

EXAMPLE: External flash connection for Pocket Wizard sync cable.

A picture of the syn cable connected to the Pocket Wizard.

EXAMPLE: Pocket Wizard sync cable connection.











It was then a simple job to connect the two ends of the sync cable to the proper ports between the flash and the Pocket Wizard, and then attach the Pocket Wizard to the camera’s (flash) hot shoe.

Picture of the Pocket Wizard and external flash connected to each other, for triggering the flash.

EXAMPLE: Pocket Wizard on the camera’s hot shoe mount and connected to the external flash sync cord.










Next step…test.

Time to turn on the camera, external flash and the Pocket Wizard (power to the Pocket Wizard Plus III by pressing the Mode button located on the side).

Take a photo while watching for evidence of the flash being triggered and all systems good to go.

Picture of the Pocket Wizard Plus III firing the external flash.

EXAMPLE: Pocket Wizard Plus III firing the external flash.











As I’m sure you can see the sync cord is not very long, thus keeping one tethered pretty close to the camera.


  • Use your on-camera flash as the commander mode (or “trigger”) for your external flash and not use a Pocket Wizard.


  • Use two Pocket Wizards; a transmitter on the camera hot shoe and the second as a receiver with your external flash.


With the on-camera flash just be aware of the on-camera flash emitting light and you will very likely want to (need to) power it down.

With two Pocket Wizards the flash can be as far away as the transmitting and receiving can “read” each other.



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