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Welcome to Our Photography Wiki!

Beginners to photography are often mystified about all the new terminology there is to learn!

So, we’ve compiled this expanding collection of photography terms and definitions to help make sense of it all!

Instructions for Use:

Terms are separated into groups, which are listed on the sub-menus to this page. If you know what term you’d like to find, you can enter select the sub-menu, and browse for that term.

If you’d just like to browse the different groups, you can click on any of the following links:


Camera Terms: Cable release on Pentax

Anything related to the physical aspects of the camera. For example: camera shake, digital SLR, DSLR, point-and-shoot.




Camera Settings: Camera mode dial in the auto setting.

Any specific camera settings. For example: auto mode, ISO, shutter speed, white balance.




Lens Hood, 55 mm, on Pentax CameraLenses & Equipment:

Removable lenses, and photography accessories. For example: fixed focal length lens, lens hood, filters.




Closeup of Two flowing water dropsPhotography Terms:

Anything related to photographic technique, or common problems resulting in unexpected results. For example: aperture, backlight, composition, depth of field, digital noise.

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Navigating within the Wiki

Once you’re actually viewing any Wiki entry, there are a number of ways to get around in the Wiki:

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  • Related articles are also linked, where appropriate, in each Wiki definition

Over to You!

Are there any other terms you’d like us to include in this Wiki?

If so, please let us know! This website is designed to help you in your personal photography journey, and we want it to be as helpful as possible to you!